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My story: I am an artist. I started my formal art education as a painting major. During my first semester of college, a photography professor gave a presentation for first year art majors. He showed a series of architecture photographs. Specifically, this professor showed his photographs of Brutalist buildings shot on black and white medium format film. For some, I gather that lecture was quite dull but for me, it clicked that I loved photography and I immediately changed my major. During his presentation, I realized I devour photographs of all kinds - snapshots, fashion, and now, architecture photography. Later, I learned Sensitometry and traditional darkroom printing from this same professor. Digital photography was new at the time and everything I learned came from my own exploration with the earliest versions of Photoshop. All my undergraduate study focused on shooting film and using film cameras. I borrowed/rented an old large format press camera, a Crown Graphic, my junior year to photograph the corn fields in northern Illinois. After that semester I fell in love with large format film photography.

Ever since I was a kid I was taking photographs of my cats, my family, my friends, other people's families, other people's pets, and buildings-lots and lots of buildings. When I changed careers from being an arts administrator and curator, I knew I wanted to use my photography in a way that felt honest. One way was to continue working with other creatives. I work with actors by offering headshot photography. I work with performing artists to document their pieces, and I love helping visual artists document their exhibitions. I also found a renewed love for photographing architecture, more specifically real estate photography. And of course, I am still keen on photographing your pets. What I have to offer is photography for the creative souls of St Louis. I want to have a seat at the creative table with you. Whether you're a cat rescue, an interior designer, or a playwright, I've got some photography services you might need. My priorities are 1. Making photos of items and objects you are selling and promoting. 2. Capturing loved ones and moments with them. 3. Seeing a creative idea to fruition. 4. Treasuring images through framed prints, cards, and handmade photobooks. So what's next? Below are links to the kinds of sessions I offer. Click on them and you'll see more information about session times and prices. Don't hesitate to reach out to ask more questions too. View my portfolios to get an idea of what I've already done. Thank you so much.


Pet & Family Portraits

Mini session pet and family portraits start at $55. A full session begins at $350.


Real Estate, Architecture, Interiors, Branding

Capture the charm of a home or interior with professional photographs. Packages start at $225


Photography for Artists

Photographer on Speed Dial package starts at $50. A full show documentation/project documentation is $225

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